Monday, October 20, 2008

Okay, so wow, its been about two weeks... What has been going on? I have to admit I have been a facebook junkie lately and kinda getting to a low after surfing, connecting, commenting, adding pics, laughing, and reminiscing. Its all good. I have been trying to plug my website as much as I can. Hopefully spending time with all the doctors from my office this weekend at a baby shower will get some referrals. They were so inquisitive about my diaper cake... Also, I noticed that they all were so tiny we brand new babies and tots in tow. Since we only see eachother in a work enviornment and mostly they wear scrubs, I couldnt believe how tiny they all are. I have known many for years, but OMG... (i have been guzzling smart water for the last two days instead of my ever beloved COKE). I am so excited and feeling a new wind of inspiration to continue with my beloved hobbies. My boss wants me to do a video for the Atlanta office after "enjoying and viewing my Buford video over and over". So I am looking forward to many new "PROJECTS" and gun-ho on making it happen.

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TavoLini said...

That's fantastic--can't wait to see your video for the Atlanta office!!

I love the diaper cake, too--very smart :)