Friday, October 3, 2008

gabys' gloves

why i believe you must let your kids in on hobbies and crafts... i take pictures all the time, i always carry my camara. People sometimes get annoyed at me, I admit it. But more times than none I can capture a moment in time that truly makes me smile whether it is an hour later, a day later or months later. I absolutely love these pictures of my daughter, not because they are some great tremendous moment, but its because she is so much like me in the sense she just goes for it when it comes to creating things. She got needle and thread and made these gloves herself and then after the fact she showed me... I just love them I think that you crafty souls out there will completely understand it.


TavoLini said...

Those gloves are hot! Seamstress Gabby ;)

ROCKY said...

yeah, my gaby is something else. I never know what is going to happen next and thats an understatement which scares and amuzes my inner fancy to only have been so confident and outgoing at that age.