Tuesday, November 11, 2008

when i pulled up these two pictures I could of never imagined the similarity in posture, alignment and expressions. It tugged at me and immediately gave me sense of loss and pain as well as accomplishment and pride. Anyone close to me understands the previous and has celebrated the latter. I thank you for that. Does two years, 2 months, and 7 days change anything ??? no, not much, the magnitude maybe, but not the inexplicable sense of loss no matter how immense the Happiness. I still miss him terribly, and ignorantly wishing he was with me every second, but alas... he is 2 days shy of 17 and I am accomplished in the fact that he is doing well and learning from experience, life, pain, love, understanding, compassion and empathy... probably more than another person his own age. For me 38 has hit and the realization of offspring 17 years of age is unbelievable almost. I do so look forward December when I can have him in my arms again and cherish that smell, that smile, that hug. May the good Lord above expedite these weeks for me and grant me my wish shortly.

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