Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the mass production going on in my office a couple weeks ago

where do i begin... this is was the preliminary creation o my diaper baby shower invitation... theme is monkeys of course.then it took a couple turns and modifications. Although i loved the diaper pin concept to open and close the invitation i was concerned that the diaper pin would easily be broken by the eager recieptant of my handmade creation and I would be criticized for making a faulty item..... then came another idea..... I would instead p ut the diaper pin on top and closing of invite would be page like. circles and dots adorn the diaper..... still more modifications are in store..... the silver cardstock was nice but silver embossed silver cardstock is better. The diaper pin head also get a makeover. Thanks to glossy accents... it is a shiny clear on white cardstock making it a gorgeouse new pin. Monkey also got a makeover with a blue bow tie and a diaper too. The inside of the invitation consists of plain white copy paper with directions, "oh baby" and "come hang with us" for a baby shower honoring ..... covered by a vellum (see thru) with an embossed carriage in the middle with a blue ribbon or "baby boy" ribbon. and about the picture... its just my new hair color... i inadvertantly added to my uploads and cant seem to remove it.... sorry guys.

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