Monday, September 22, 2008

Guess what my favorite hobby is?

Okay! So you guessed it. I love scrapbooking. Here's the deal. I would love to do it as a form of employment as well as enjoyment. I have my first clients and thus began the concept of expansion/blogs in preparation for a website. At their constant insistance to post some of the stuff I have made--- came this idea. And came the regret of all those pictures I kept telling myself-"oh, I will get later, or I will repeat that page again". I so regret not taking so many others. But with the following I think you should get an idea. I make premade scrapbooks for all occasions. I can make it to any of your themes and color preferences, contemporary or vintage styles. They are handmade, totally uniques gifts for baby showers, weddings, and anniversaries. One of my favorites is the vintage book done for a 90 year old grandmother- celebrating her life. I can also incorporate your pictures. I leave ample space for mementos, journaling and additional details that you can add to make a unique and personal pages. I ussually need about two weeks, but can work on crunch time if needed. I don't do tacky and view each page as if I would like to recieve this. send me an email and I can guarantee you that your gift will be an extra special for your loved ones. What I need from you is 1)what occasion 2)color preference, (what color is absolutely unfavorable) 3)vintage or modern 4) names of family members 5)Special details about(pregnancy:miracle baby, twins, siblings, etc...) Anniversary:years, childrens, etc... 6)details on preferences: like toile, silk, or quilt material give me an idea where to go with the project. 7)any special details that need to be included... Thats the beginning of my creative process and the rest is history....


TavoLini said...

Hey--I didn't know you had a blog! I love it!! It's so neat to see all your projects :)


ROCKY said...

i have so many people tell me, post it up. Show off what you do and you will start up your business. --so here it is. thanks roc