Tuesday, September 23, 2008

hmmmm choices... choices

choices...okay so I am not the most fragile person with phones, I will admit it. "I am not the most fragile person with cell phones". Oh, but they are so pretty. I so need a new phone, a hip phone, a "like wow, do I look like a business person or what"-phone than this $14.99 replacement of a 'pay as you go phone'. I know thats sad! But I want an IPOD too... which one? Do I search elsewhere for a phone? Are Blackberry better than the IPHONE? are the IPHONE really having all the probs I am hearing about? Should I just get TOUCH to hold like the 50 songs that consist of my music library. Is the TOUCH -- a big "OUCH"....for a music playing thingy....shiny, "my pretty"... wanty too many thingys.........

1 comment:

Gustavo said...

hey frek _ the tOUCH has nbo compatability(not a phone). joslin walked away and I took over the computer for a lil bit;l. OH NO here she comes. GTG

love you-prod it loooks cool.